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Emma Ridderstad - CEO & Co-founder Warpin - who participates in Bucharest Tech Week at the Metaverse Summit, answered some of our questions:

What is Metaverse in a nutshell?

In a nutshell, the Metaverse is a 3D version of the internet. Imagine being able to explore the apps on your phone or computer in a physical way, through a virtual experience. 

What are the advantages of 3D over 2D?

3D is the natural space to operate as humans. The jump from 2D to 3D greatly heightens the user experience, making it faster, more natural and intuitive. With this comes huge advantages in all areas it is applied to. In a business, training employees in 3D puts them in a realistic setting, which improves staff learning. On a personal level, I believe that the 3D experience can be used to build and encourage empathy in a way that 2D would never achieve. This is because in a 3D environment, people are able to actually walk in someone else's shoes and experience their reality. The applications of 3D are really limitless. VR is the true media for connection, emotions and creativity. 3D will also help us in ways we can't really know yet while we’re still bound by the laws of nature.

What is missing now for Metaverse to be widely adopted?

We do already have the building blocks for the Metaverse, but there is no “one” Metaverse, there are several. The inequalities which are hindering our progress need addressing before the Metaverse can take off. 
One example of this is the hardware designed for immersive technology. Almost all headsets produced by mainstream companies are made with male users in mind, as they’re built for larger (typically male-sized) heads. Consequently, females are made to feel excluded from the virtual space as there are significantly higher levels of “cyber-sickness” among them in the Metaverse. This is significant as while headsets have been made affordable and fashionable, it is essential that they’re comfortable for everyday usage, because they can bring benefits to all areas of life. Making a conscious effort to combat inequalities like this will help bring the Metaverse into the mainstream.

What will be the impact of Metaverse on Marketing?

The Metaverse will completely change how bands interact with prospective customers. Traditional marketing and advertising styles are out, and it has become much harder to engage people, particularly the younger markets. This is where the Metaverse can be used by brands to revolutionise the experience and connect with customers in new and exciting ways. Marketing can utilise the immersive qualities of the Metaverse to bring people to their products, better express the feeling their brand evokes and entertain customers on a whole new interactive level. 

What do you know about Bucharest Tech Week and Romania?

I know Bucharest Tech Week to be the largest tech festival in Romania, with the event expecting over 15,000 tech enthusiasts and business leaders in attendance. I’m thrilled to be delivering a keynote speech at the Metaverse Summit, which is one of the 6 business summits on during the festival. As well as speakers, of which there are over 40, the event will host tech exhibitions and product demos of the gadgets which are next in tech. I’m excited to be a part of this year’s event.
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