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The Marketing Institute brings new professional development solutions for communication and public relations practitioners through Oxford College of Marketing

10 Dec 2021

From 10th December, on its 10th anniversary, The Marketing Institute, leader of internationally recognised marketing programmes in Romania is launching Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) accredited qualifications through Oxford College of Marketing.

Communication and public relations practitioners will have the chance to develop and receive an international accreditation, in a community of professionals alike. These qualifications offer interactive distance learning options as well as the opportunity to contribute to Continuous Professional Development (CPS), and delegates will be able to opt for a course suited to individual levels of study and experience. These include:

  • Level 3 Foundation Qualification – designed for aspiring PR professionals. It is also suited to individuals who already have some experience in PR and are looking to consolidate their skills and knowledge through an accredited, professional qualification. This qualification takes around 3-6 months to complete. 
  • Level 5 Professional Certificate – is well suited to individuals who already have some prior knowledge and/or experience within PR either through work experience or previous study. This qualification takes around 10-12 months to complete. 
  • Level 7 Professional PR Diploma - is ideal for experienced PR practitioners who are looking to progress into management PR / communications roles or benchmark their experience and knowledge through an industry recognised qualification. This qualification takes around 10-12 months to complete. 
  • Level 7 CIPR Diploma in Crisis Communication - is designed for senior PR professionals wishing to learn the knowledge and tools to contribute effectively to an organisation’s risk assessment and crisis preparation. This qualification takes around 10-12 months to complete. 

All courses can be taken remotely, online or by participating in virtual interactive courses and registrations for CIPR courses can be made online until 15th January 2022 through the following link:  

Interactive courses start w/c 24th January 2022 via Zoom, with trainers and colleagues from UK. 

One of the first professionals already enrolled in the courses that will start in January 2022 is Ina Bădărău, PR Manager at Medlife. Ina is an ambitious professional who, in addition to a full time job and family life, wants to stay up to date with the latest news in the field. She is one of the first graduates of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Ina has made a comments on her studies:

"Far from following the models of traditional academic environments, CIM courses are, without a doubt, the best solution to deepen your knowledge and move to another level from a professional point of view or, simply, to get started in this field and lay the groundwork for a career in marcom. Whatever the career goal, each study unit is strongly adapted to current market needs, new technologies and, most importantly, changes in consumer behaviour. Basically, we are talking about a different learning concept, much more anchored in the reality we live in, but also a very valuable source of inspiration, experiences and ideas, through the prism of the fine community of people who gathered around this project. I highly recommend it!” 

Participants can choose to interact with trainers and colleagues in online interactive evening or weekend courses and will make plans applied to the activity within the organizations in which they work, on specific topics and projects, in complete confidentiality.

Centre Manager for Oana explains that:

"We are grateful that in the 10 years of activity we have been able to make accessible these continuing education programs for over 2000 professionals in Romania, for which the main ambition is to stay up to date with everything new and valuable in terms of good international practices, examples, case studies, use of technology for external and internal communication, employer branding, sustainability.

We already have a lot of know-how in Romania, but enrolling in a certification program brings news, provides structure and guarantees validation and international recognition of both the profession and studies. There are many experienced practitioners who have not had the opportunity to go through an academic training program, and this is the best alternative.

I am one of the first graduates of a public relations school in Romania, established within the University of Bucharest. It is a great joy for me to be involved in an initiative that brings international know-how, support and recognition to a dynamic and evolving profession, facing even more challenges during this period with overlapping crises, fake news and a proliferation of communication channels."

By studying for CIPR accreditations, students will always be up to date with new solutions and technologies, methods, good practices and useful examples for current and future PR activities, for any challenge.


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