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Purna Virji - Focusing on emotion became even more important since the pandemic dramatically changed how we think

01 Noi 2021

You are a speaker at the GoTech World event. How do you like this event?

This is my first time being a part of GoTech World and I’m incredibly excited and honored to be speaking. Not only is this event huge, but the programming and topics covered are top-notch. For anyone who works in the Tech or Advertising space, this is a not-to-be-missed event.

There are *so many* sessions I am really looking forward to attending, including The Future of the Brain from Newton Howard, How is the future mobility shaping the smart and sustainable city? Trends and challenges from Adrian Humă, and The Next Big Thing (and Who Will Bring It To Market) from Dan Kaufman.

I also really wish I was there in person! Romania is on my list of places that I would love to visit. People have told me I must try Papanași when I am there. If you have any more Romania travel tips, please do hit me up on LinkedIn or Twitter to share. 

How much has the pandemic changed the way companies interact with potential customers?

Focusing on emotion became even more important since the pandemic dramatically changed how we think, how we relate to others, what we value, and blurred the lines between work and home. For Marketers, these changing expectations made us rapidly adjust our marketing messaging. We especially saw this with B2B, which has traditionally taken a more rational approach to advertising.

A trend we saw since 2020 was a clear shift from the more traditional rational approach to B2B marketing, to a more entertaining, engaging, and emotional B2C-esque approach. This is driven in part by the melting of borders between home and work, meaning B2B marketers are increasingly competing with B2C marketers for attention. So B2B is taking a leaf out of B2C and treating businesses like people.

Remember, brands are built by appealing to more than business. Business buyers are humans, and they want to work with businesses that make them feel good.

What is Full-Funnel Content Strategy about?

Far too many brands focus their digital advertising efforts only on demand generation, bottom of the funnel content. Because of the ability to measure and track things like clicks and conversions to easily, we tend to *only* focus on the those, to the expense of building the brand.

But that isn’t enough. Research from Forrester and Google shows that on average, 90% of the purchase process is completed before contacting a vendor, and 13 pieces of content are consumed in the process. As marketers, our goal is to get in front of prospects at every stage of their purchasing journey.

Thus, it’s important for marketers to develop a full-funnel strategy that balances both brand and demand generation in order to maximize the success of their digital advertising efforts.

What are the new trends on the digital side that companies must take into account?

The pandemic drove more people online than ever and led to macro shifts such as the flexibility of remote work and direct to consumer.

One of the key macro shifts I’m paying a lot of attention to is the shift from Attention economy to the Creator economy. Whereas people relied on the platforms for audiences, now the platforms are relying on creators to generate quality content and bring audiences to the platforms.

What this means for companies, it’s much easier to build large audiences now but also, it’s even more competitive.

What field would you advise young people starting a career in marketing to specialize in?

This is such a great time for young people to find success with a career in marketing. There are also a ton of different specialties opening up, so my top advice would be to learn about and explore a few different disciplines first, before narrowing down their selection.

In looking at GWI’s study of Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2012), 2 out of 3 Gen Z members consider it important to learn new skills. Turn to online education and learning sources such as Khan Academy and LinkedIn Learning, or else conferences like GoTech World to get exposure to these different areas of marketing.

Roles such as conversation designer, i.e., a job to design the conversation and automated engagement with technologies like chat bots are one emerging field. As is the increased demand for the creativity. As I mentioned earlier, we are in the Creator economy now, so those you can understand audiences and create multi-format content to resonate can do very well.



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