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Newton Howard - In about 3 years people will be able to connect to cars with the help of Brain Computer Interface

15 Oct 2021

You are a speaker at the GoTech World event. How do you like this event?

It is an amazing forum to exchange ideas on emerging topics and meet top contributors in the fields.

The topics for this year and speakers are highly pertinent to state of the art in tech and is more forward thinking than most conference events out there right now. I know this year is not in person, but Bucharest is a vibrant, dynamic city for tech and a place to watch as the new startup hub in the EU.

How developed is the research in the field of artificial intelligence and how close are we to the moment of their implementation in everyday life?

We are a long way from super intelligence or true human like Ai.

We have some useful machine learning (ML) for everyday life, but we are nowhere near human like machine intelligence. One of the issues I see in the field of AI is the limit of understanding human intelligence as the foundation for AI.

I believe, that to truly achieve and implement artificialize intelligence, human cognition must be understood in its entirety. While this is occasionally implied in the AI community, it is rarely stated or executed. Challenges to AI have emerged from an epistemological misunderstanding on the perceived meaning of intelligence itself, leading to the limits currently facing the field of AI.

Will the introduction of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life lead to a paradigm shift in the way society is organized?

Absolutely, it will force us to use our time more intelligently because we will be competing with highly efficient time managed “machines.” AI in everyday life will also force us to realize what machines will never be capable of, things that only humans can do like compassion and empathy.

There are limits to AI we need to remember that and no matter how advanced technology becomes there are human elements that can never and should never be replaced by machines. Artificial Intelligence is something should enhance and improve everyday life with convenience and efficiency but should not replace humanity or human intelligence.

How close are we to the moment when people will be able to connect directly to cars through a neural interface?

Roughly 3 years based on the non-intrusive class of Brain Computer Interfaces being developed at ni2o ( ).

Brain to vehicle tech is no different than any other BCI. Controlling a mouse or typing "with your mind" is no more than decoding neural signals.

It's not mind reading and it is not mind-control, don't let marketing and overzealous technocrats fool you into thinking we will be living in a sci-fi movie. If we look at the science of EEG, brain waves, brain activity, biofeedback and machine learning there is a lot that we can use to improve and enhance the driving experience and driving safety.

Are companies ready for the new future?

Only those with high value for creativity and innovation will be able to survive in the marketplace. Many tech companies, in my opinion, are too narrow minded and too conventional to survive the new future. In today's world companies need to be adaptable and forward thinking.

Take COVID for example and look at the companies and products that survived and even thrived through the pandemic because they were able to pivot and meet unmet needs quickly and creatively. More importantly, companies that are hyper focused on profit will not survive in the long run; they need to have a humanistic approach and not just think about their bottom line.

Do you think that these changes will be embraced by the people or will there be a significant opposition against these changes?

Resistance and friction are part of the forces the foster innovation.

We should welcome it all with open minds and open arms but never lose sight of humanity. Fear of change is something to be expected. Some technology will take time to be adopted - no matter how great it is- if people cannot understand it or see it for what it is, it will not be embraced.

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