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How to be a more reliable professional in marketing

09 Noi 2018

How to grow from the communication within the complex marketing field? How to learn from every experience to grow as a reliable professional. We talked with our student Adina Florescu, after she has succesfully passed two modules of the Professional Certificate in Marketing. Over the last years, Adina has been in charge with the communication and marketing projects of amb Wine Company and Liliac brand.

What are your favourite campaigns coordinated within the group and why?

My favourite part of the group project was the beginning, when we included the Liliac lodge in the touristic circuit. Even though it was difficult for a young brand to push through and make it on the wine market, I think that together with the small, but enthusiastic and dedicated team from the cellar we succeeded in making a good impression on the visitors and the travel agencies. I dedicated myself to organising wine tastings and promoting them, cooperating with travel agencies and building together a mutual commitment, in order to enhance each customer’s experience with the brand, beyond their expectations.

What about the results? How do you measure the marketing results in your company?

The Liliac winery offers a unique experience and also encourages the customers to talk about their experiences, to share their special moments with friends or to recommend the products.

Every year we measure the satisfaction of our clients, based on the purchase experience, positive or negative feelings after their visit, recommendations, we try to improve the quality of our services and to welcome them every time with a good quality product, respecting our brand engagement. The know-how of our brand is very important for the future of the company.

How did your experience within a big publishing group such as Ringier helped you in your marketing and communication career?

Working in the sales department at Ringier and being in contact with many media agencies everyday, negotiating the terms and conditions with them for the largest clients on the market, I understood the need of an advertising campaign and the effects of a good and sustained marketing campaign. I have watched and learned from the best on how to communicate about a newly launched product or how to sustain your product on the market. I took part in a lot of events and I saw how people react to and interact with the products, understanding that the client’s opinion is very important and client satisfaction is key.

Why have you decided to attend an international certified marketing training course?

I chose to attend an international certified marketing training course because I decided to learn more about what is behind an ad, behind the image, and I started first with the communication part. As I was learning and interacting with a product I saw that all these things are connected and you need to have a strategy and a plan to sustain a brand. Working in advertising was a pleasure and so was the marketing training.

I didn’t have many options in Romania to learn about how a marketing campaign works or how to create a marketing strategy, so I decided to challenge myself and to study within an institution with years of experience and to learn from people who played throughout their careers with different approaches to sustaining a brand. It is a very complex and fast-paced domain and all strategies should be adapted to the costumers needs.

How was this experience different from other trainings or study programs in your career?

Even if I was a long-distance student, aall blueprints, courses and webinars were very well structured and I had access to a lot of information and examples that helped me understand the concepts and new terms better. Usually, I like to practice what I am learning and, in this case, I had to identify my company’s needs and to discover what is good and what is wrong in its marketing department.

If you are a beginner, my advice is to take your time to understand the theory. Also, you need someone to guide you for the final exams, to be sure you are on the right track.


Portalul Marketing Focus a fost lansat de Institutul de Marketing  cu scopul de a aduce un plus de informatie, idei si resurse de marketing atat profesionistilor de marketing, cat si celorlalti actori si departamente implicate in livrarea performantei de marketing: comunicare si relatii publice, resurse umane, IT, financiar,  relatii cu clientii si nu in ultimul rand management. 


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