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The world’s latest, brightest, biggest, boldest mobile technology opportunities freshly brought from Barcelona

05 Mar 2018

This year, MWC organized by GSMA in Barcelona, brought to the world the latest, the brightest, the biggest, the boldest, the never-before-seen - as usual.

Internet of Things is growing every day at a tremendous rate. Sure, it still has to settle the standards and unify the technologies, the protocols and the business models, or to evolve to be attacks- and threats-free, but is already bringing value to the businesses, creating new consumers’ habits and end-users’ value, while bringing ROI for investors, as demonstrated by the smart cities and connected vehiclespilot and testing instances, which have announced break-through connectivity records and incredible big data insights.

Augmented and Virtual Reality, now honored also with an Oscar prize at the end of last year, are on a journey to take the world by storm. So far, only big names of some industries have embraced the new technologies, using them already for design and development or for medical or educational purposes. But with the help of high-speed connectivity technologies, with support from artificial intelligence and cloud computing power and with main content providers involvement, AR and VR would converge in the same ’virtuality continuum’ (Cher Wang, HTC), to become as mainstream as smartphones or personal computers in the near future.

5G super-fast connectivity technology seems finally coming close to commercial-readiness, with Pyeonghang Winter Olympics demonstration by Intel and KT, deploying 3,800 Terabytes of network capacity in numerous sites – a collaboration to continue also in 2020 Tokyo Olympics. As exemplified by F1 multiple champion Fernando Alonso in one of the keynote speeches, the speed of the technology, the lack of latency and the huge data volumes capacity can bring true change to any domain, being it sports, entertainment, or business. As a unifying and enabling technology for communications, 5G has indeed the capacity to bring to life new possibilities for our society in every aspect, while sustaining and provoking true ‘leap-frog advances’ in all related industries.

Mobile World Congress 2018 has seen GSMA and Telecom industries partner with UN, to promote the Sustainable Development Goals of UN Foundation – telecom being one of the first industries to strongly support sustainable development. The whole event in Barcelona stayed under the awareness and knowledge of the need for a sustainable industry advance, from registration to speeches and even booth arrangements. While challenges still persist world-wide, in terms of affordability, access and relevancy, communications industry is taking great steps forward in ensuring true global connectivity, allowing companies to engage with communities and bring sustainability into everyone’s day-to-day life. 

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