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What can a marketer learn from making music? (3)

21 Iul 2017

Solo or Ensemble? Both.

Making music is an exercise in expressing yourself and an experience in sharing with others. Music is both individuality and community, is both personal and mutual, is both private and public. Music will teach all these to a marketer:

Orchestra teamwork

No symphony was ever written for a single interpreter, no matter how proficient, or for a single instrument, no matter how complex. If not an etude, a capriccio or a solo part, a composition will always require a team of professionals, with specialized instruments, to work together to deliver harmony to the public.

Business is a complex composition, bringing together all the organization’s sections to play their dedicated parts, to contribute, in a well-thought and detail-crafted way, to the applauded success. Marketing itself, as the strings section of an orchestra, is also a complex of tools and means, each playing their important part in the opera.  And, as in a symphonic orchestra, for the success of the composition, marketing section should get the central position of the stage.

Personal virtuosity

There is no successful orchestra with unskilled instrument players. Before participating in the collective creation of emotion, you need to know your theory, to master the instrument and to rehears the musical score thoroughly. As the smallest mistake will ruin the performance of all the team, each musician is responsible for playing perfectly his part, before joining the ensemble.

As marketing is a team effort, each marketer involved should master his own part and be prepared to bring the best in him to the business’ collective representation. And as a skilled interpreter cannot remain so without constant rehearsal, each marketer should always learn, constantly completing his knowledge and thoroughly sharpening his skills.

 Collective jam session

The semi-improvised jam sessions of the jazz professionals, where instrumentalists gather to perform and out-perform each-other, are one of the greatest springboards of creativity, authenticity and inspiration and a great source of original musical creations. Requiring perfect rhythm and melody sensing, a great degree of theory knowledge and personal instrumental brilliance, jam session improvisations would bring out the best in the artists and would almost always produce great new musical pieces.

Marketers, as communicators, should know best that new ideas and actions would always require dialogue and participation. Marketers should also jam, in organized or informal gathering, exchanging ideas, challenges and experiences, in order to create effervescent industry knowledge and original market initiatives. 


Portalul Marketing Focus a fost lansat de Institutul de Marketing  cu scopul de a aduce un plus de informatie, idei si resurse de marketing atat profesionistilor de marketing, cat si celorlalti actori si departamente implicate in livrarea performantei de marketing: comunicare si relatii publice, resurse umane, IT, financiar,  relatii cu clientii si nu in ultimul rand management. 


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