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What can a marketer learn from making music?

09 Iul 2017

Music is the mathematics of the feelings, the complex representation of the imagination, the total expression of the states of soul. Music can teach the marketer all of this and more:


Music is one of the purest forms of expressing emotions, the measured way of stating the feelings, when all the rest of tools are not enough for the job. Music without emotion is only noise, only sound with no true meaning, while musicians, through well thought and played music, can inspire a whole world of emotions in the listeners.

As marketers, we need to learn, understand, create and deliver emotion to the public, which always will choose, more than the product, the way we make them feel, the way we play our music to them. Learning to create the right emotions, learning to express and transmit the right feelings is the very basis of marketing, as the fundamentals of interaction between individuals or organizations.


Composing music is extremely complex and requires enormous amounts of creativity, of imagination, besides the very detailed knowledge of theory and of the capabilities of various instruments. Most composers were firstly talented interpreters, mastering one or more instruments before starting to write music. Although playing a musical piece is quite rigorous in following the composer’s indications, the interpreter always introduce his own sentiments, his own feelings, getting creative and actually interpreting, not simply reproducing the piece. This goes from the intensity of the notes to the accents and “breathing” throughout the piece, culminating with the overall musical show for the public.

Marketing strategy is in a way similar to composing a complex symphony, where there are numerous aspects of the score, with numerous instruments to bring their own original, creative contribution, in a harmonized way, for the great result of the business’ orchestra, to the applauses of the public. In the same way, all marketing activities should always be creative, even in the most standardized and automated channels or tools – with lateral thinking, surprising combination and original implementation of such tools.


Music develops greatly the empathic capabilities, as the way to recognize and share the feelings encapsulated by author in the composition, but also as the way to resonate and transmit the emotions to the public. A musically trained person will be able to single-out one voice in a noisy environment, to identify and recognize emotions much faster and to immediately project them and understand the state of that person, while being able to reciprocate with the needed tone.

Marketers without empathy to the business will not be able to interiorize the goals.

Marketers without empathy to the business will not be able to interiorize the goals, to sense the needed path and come with the right course of action for the organization. Marketers without empathy to the public will not be able to resonate to their needs, to understand their feelings and to respond with the right, convincing voice.

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