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  • New campaign for the League of Legends European Championship
  • Campaign film with numerous League of Legends Easter Eggs

Following its e-sports debut last year, Erste Group is now celebrating the second chapter of itsFollowing its e-sports debut last year, Erste Group is now celebrating the second chapter of its partnership with the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). With a humorouscampaign film by Jung von Matt SPORTS the banking group picks up one of the most heateddebates surrounding the topic of e-sports: The discussion on whether e-sports is recognised asa legitimate sport or not and the gaming community's reaction to it. The LEC Summer Splitcampaign launches on 13 August with the playoffs and will be seen on social media as well ason the LEC Livestream until the finals on 29 August.

“E-sports is growing dynamically: with a high degree of professionalisation, a broadening fan base andsteadily increasing awareness. For us as a future-orientated bank, this is a tremendously excitingenvironment, because it knows no borders across our entire region and is digitally accessible,” saysBernd Spalt, CEO of Erste Group.

Whether e-sports is a sport or not, is the topic of constant discussions. Recognition as an official sportdetermines, for example, whether athletes receive the appropriate visas for events abroad and whetherclub structures are supported. While countries and associations take part in the debate and questionthe sporting character of e-sports, gamers are not impressed: Within the gaming and e-sportscommunity, very few are interested in the discussion.

With the #believeinyourself campaign as part of the LEC Summer Split, Erste Group is addressing thisvery issue. After the banking group celebrated its entry into the world of e-sports last year with anemotional story about the hurdles of being a gamer, it now follows up with an appreciation of e-sportsand its community. In the campaign film “E-Sports Doomsday” by Jung von Matt SPORTS, Erste Groupdraws a humorous scenario of the gaming world reacting to e-sports finally being denied the status as asport worldwide.

On the one hand, the banking group takes up a social debate as a campaign theme and sides with thegamers. On the other hand, the film serves as a homage to the community and its reaction. The film isalso peppered with numerous League of Legends Easter Eggs. For the leading role, Erste Group wasable to win Trevor Henry, esports commentator, host and presenter as well as the most famous face ofthe LEC.Carl Kuhn, Head of E-Sports at Jung von Matt SPORTS: "With this campaign, Erste Group clearlypositions itself within the community and demonstrates the closeness and openness that is so importantto develop as a non-endemic brands within the e-sports community. This requires community-orientedcontent and credible topics.”


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